Why Go Vegan?

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors roamed the earth donning loincloths, and communicated with each other via grunts and groans. They fashioned homemade weapons out of natural materials, and acted solely upon their survival instinct; giving in to their most primal needs. They hunted and gathered, mated to continue the species and behaved almost like any other animal. The only difference being that one day, some brave humans would continue to spread all over the globe in search of something ‘more’ and would forge new cultures and horizons. They would create language and writing, they would get in touch with their spirituality and religion, they would discover science and technology, and they would do away with their loin cloths for more protective and appropriate fashions. Our ancestors didn’t know any better. But we do.

Our ancestors didn’t have tofu, tempeh, or seitan as meat substitutes. Our ancestors didn’t have B12 vitamins that can sustain us just as much as any meat could. Our ancestors didn’t have these alternatives, but we do.

We know better, and we have better. We live in a society with [too] many choices that allow us to not have to rely on meat for nourishment or protein. Living in ignorant bliss is not the direction our world is quickly moving in. Just because things have always been a certain way does not make them right. If no one had stood up against slavery, our black neighbors and friends would still be in chains.

What other graphic videos and images of slaughter houses and merciless animal killings do people need to see before fully ‘digesting’ (pun intended) how insanely evil the industry is? Not to mention how DISGUSTING it is. Meat/dairy/animal products contain BLOOD, FECES, and other BODILY FLUIDS. Why not just pour some human blood, poop and pus on your food? Maybe make a lovely dipping sauce out of the mix. Why would that be any different?

If you care about the future of our earth and the environment, you have to give credence to the fact that animal slaughterhouses contribute more to the rising risk of global warming than car pollution. WHAT THE WHAT?! That is crazy. What sort of world do you want your children to live in? Your grandchildren? What we do and how we act now will determine the state of the earth years from now.

If these facts aren’t getting to you, maybe I can play to your emotions. Do you have any pets? Do you love them? Do you care for them and treat them like your own child? How can you justify loving your pet, but eating another animal? Why is one okay but the other isn’t? Would you eat your chihuahua, Sparticus? Or your cat, Mr. Cutie? Probably not. Just because an animal is domesticated doesn’t mean it has any more of a personality or any more intelligence than a cow, or a chicken, or a pig. We have to stop deluding ourselves with these arbitrary ideas. Who decreed that certain animals are okay to consume and others aren’t? The fact that we keep pets and wouldn’t eat them shows humans have the capacity to understand the value of animals and our relationship to them.

If your argument is, “Well, meat tastes delicious,” a rapist could very well justify rape by saying, “Well, sex feels good.” I once heard a quote that sums this up perfectly, “Civilized people require more than sensory pleasure to justify behaviors.”

If your argument is that you feel weak without meat, google these names: Mike Tyson, Robert Cheeke, Carl Lewis, John Salley, Michael Clark Duncan, Kenneth G. Williams, Amanda Riester, Billy Simmonds, Jim Morris, Denise Nicole, Patrik Baboumian, Lorraine Huntley, and Andrea White. These people are all body builders or professional athletes. I am telling you right now, their bodies are definitely better than yours.  (There are others too. More and more athletes and body builders are turning to a more ethical lifestyle).

When slavery was rampant, a small group of people with big hearts listened to their guts and started to speak up about it. And now, slavery is illegal. When gay and lesbian people wanted equal rights to marry who they pleased, they spoke up and now the government is slowly but surely legalizing their love. Change must start from within. I also realize change can’t come immediately. It sometimes comes slow. But it must come. If it doesn’t, we will be dooming ourselves. We will continue to have these extreme weather conditions, we will continue to poison our bodies and our children’s bodies with toxins, chemicals and poisons. We will continue to contribute to the general problem of killing innocent animals who don’t have the voices to tell us to stop.

Animals have feelings. Animals have relationships. Ever hear a mother cow cry when her calf was torn from her udder? Its as painful as hearing a human infant sob who is trapped in a hot car. Just because we are humans, with all the mental facilities we have, does not mean we are superior. In fact, it means it is our duty to use those mental facilities to preserve and protect the animals in our kingdom who do not posses those mental facilities. Would we eat humans who suffer from mental illness? Humans who cannot speak? Humans who are disabled or do not function like typically developing humans? No. Because we recognize them as worthy beings who deserve life. Why don’t animals deserve the same justification?

Maybe, just maybe, it is time we too forged new land like our ancestors. Maybe it is time we too were in search of something ‘more,” beyond what we have always known and done. It is time to coexist. With each other, and with animals.

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